National Mall Serves Once Again as National Stage

Dear Coalition Friends,

Yesterday, the National Mall once again served its modern function as a national “stage” for topics of national importance as hundreds of thousands of marchers converged on the public open space in support of legal status for illegal immigrants.

Photographs accompanying front page stories in The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Washington Times show demonstrators waving banners and flags amidst the Mall’s monuments, museums, and public buildings. To see the articles, photographs, videos, and panoramic views of the crowds, go to:

The Washington Post

The New York Times:

The Washington Times

Our free Mall map, “The National Mall: Stage for Our Democracy,” tells the history in words and images of the Mall as place for history-making gatherings and events. You can read that history here (PDF, 388k).

Visit also our “Great Moments on the Mall” feature, compiled in 2003 by students at George Washington University, that highlights some other historic gatherings and events.


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