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The National Mall Coalition was founded in 2000 by a group of architects, historians, preservationists, educators, and concerned citizens seeking to provide, in the face of fragmented government management, a voice for the public interest in Mall matters.

The mission of the National Mall Coalition (formerly National Coalition to Save Our Mall), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Washington DC, is to provide an organized voice for the public; to advocate comprehensive, visionary planning for the National Mall in the 3rd century; and to work in collaboration with government, nonprofits, and the business sector to implement forward-looking improvements that will ensure the vitality, beauty, and continued active role of this national treasure in the capital and in American life.

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We have made great strides in educating the public, Congress, and government agencies about the critical importance of the Mall’s history and planning legacy, and in promoting thoughtful, intelligent planning to ensure the Mall continues its foundational role in American democracy. Since 2015 we have renewed our dedication to “Advancing the Legacy of the National Mall Through Public Policy and Innovative Ideas,” which is explained in the brief presentation at right.

Our work has included: delivering testimony before Congress and government review agencies on Mall projects to support protection of the historic plans; holding public forums to engage the public in discussing the Mall’s future; collaborating with government entities and other nonprofits to build support for Mall improvements and to oppose destructive projects; and proposing creative solutions to Mall problems not being addressed by existing Mall managing agencies.

The Washington Post editorial board has Copyright The Washington Post 2005enthusiastically endorsed Coalition ideas including Mall expansion (in 2005, illustrated at right), creation of a new McMillan-type commission to prepare the 3rd Century Mall plan (in 2008), and the National Mall Underground flood control/public access proposal (in 2013).

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