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The National Mall Coalition, a 501(c)(3) citizens organization founded in 2000, provides an organized voice for the public interest in National Mall matters. Our goals are to protect and enhance the integrity of the Mall, to advocate in the face of fragmented government management the larger needs of all Americans, and to promote visionary, long-range planning for the Mall in its 3rd century.  We advance these goals through education and public advocacy. We hold public forums and presentations to inform audiences and gather input on the Mall’s needs; provide testimony on Mall topics; maintain a website with relevant historical resources and current-issue information; and put out regular email updates on timely issues.

We are an all-volunteer group of committed Mall advocates supported by the generous donations of hundreds of Americans across the country.

Please help support us through your tax-deductible contribution.

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Mail to:
National Mall Coalition
P.O. Box 4709
Rockville, MD 20849

With your help we can continue to build on recent successes. Our proposals for improving the Mall’s value to the nation and the city include Mall expansion-an idea that has found support in Congress, the media, and the public-to accommodate new museums and public uses so the Mall can continue to evolve as a great national gathering place and vital urban park. The last time our nation prepared a comprehensive vision for the entire Mall was in 1902. Our Coalition has called for a congressionally chartered commission of prominent Americans to prepare a vision and framework plan for the Mall as a whole, updating the 1902 McMillan plan.

Contact: Judy Scott Feldman, PhD, Board Chair; 301-340-3938;