2005 Archive

An archive of National Mall Coalition email newsletters from 2005

  • West Potomac Park near the Lincoln Memorial and Memorial Bridge offers an appropriate setting for small scale future memorial features and potential water shuttle landing areas. (MEMORIALS AND MUSEUMS MASTER PLAN, 2001)

    Post letter: Looking Out for the Mall

    Dear Coalition Friends, Yesterday’s Washington Post contains an editorial correction and a letter from the Chairmen of the Commission of Fine Arts and the National Capital Planning Commission regarding the […]

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  • Elevation of grove looking northeast toward Washington Monument - 1910 Japanese Flowering Cherry Trees , East Potomac Golf Course, East Potomac Park, Hains Point vicinity, Washington, District of Columbia, DC

    Letter to the Washington Times, “A growing, lively Mall”

    As the dialogue begins about the Mall’s future, we will make every attempt to clarify our ideas for 1. Enhancing the existing Mall with visitor amenities, activities, and transportation, and 2. Expanding the Mall with new public open space, museum and memorial sites, and recreational and cultural activities, especially along the Potomac waterfront.

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  • Jefferson Memorial, aerial view, Washington, D.C. (Credit: Carol M. Highsmith's America, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division)

    Post letters: An Excess of Inaccessibility

    Dear Coalition Friends: This story has legs. Today’s Washington Post has a cartoon by Tom Toles and two letters to the editor on the security/fear/public lack of access issue at […]

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