We welcome you to explore in greater depth aspects of the National Mall, its history, and challenges to any coherent planning for the future:

AIA 1900 * 2012 trifold brochure
Our trifold brochure describes the role of the American Institute of Architects in the creation of the McMillan Plan
  • Learn about the unique American significance of the design of the Nation’s Capital
  • Examine the 1791 L’Enfant Plan, including L’Enfant’s annotations explaining his design ideas, and the 1901-1902 McMillan Commission Plan
  • Read the entire digitized version of the 1902 McMillan Commission report to Congress on “The Improvement of the Park System of the District of Columbia,” which set out a new plan for the Mall and the capital and is the basis of the majestic Mall we know today
  • Explore National Mall Coalition research into serious problems that still need to be addressed — including confusion over how we define the Mall, flood threats, and unresolved design elements such as the unfinished Washington Monument grounds — so that we can protect the historic L’Enfant and McMillan legacy and ensure Mall resilience in the 21st century.
  • Read about National Mall Coalition exhibitions on Mall history including needs, and opportunities for advancing the legacy of the Mall in the 21st century
  • Browse photo galleries illustrating crucial themes such as historical flooding and public use of the open space.

    FLOOD - Lauren 1936 28294u
    The Mall flooded in 1930. Photo courtesy Library of Congress