Coalition’s latest Op-Ed in The Washington Post Tackles Mall Flooding

In an op-ed published today in The Washington Post, the National Mall Coalition describes the existential threat of flooding on the National Mall, puts forward our National Mall Underground flood reservoir solution, and stresses the urgency to act:

“If someone has a better solution, then speak up, the sooner the better. Let’s get on with it,
lest we lose this iconic stage for American democracy, the National Mall.”

The Netherlands knows a thing or two about taking flooding seriously. By geography and history, they have become experts on how to live with water.  Henk Ovink — their official “water ambassador” — made clear on a recent 60 Minutes broadcast that infrastructure projects, such as the Underground, are a fraction of the cost of future losses owing to massive flooding.

The National Park Service’s recently released “Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge Projections” study, first made public on National Public Radio’s The Reveal, includes maps showing that by 2050 during a Category 3 hurricane the Washington Monument would become an island.

— Judy Scott Feldman, PhD, Chair


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