Annual Reports

The National Mall Coalition since 2000 has made progress in raising public awareness of the value of the National Mall – the Stage for American Democracy – to the American public, the City of Washington, and our country through a host of educational and advocacy activities. We continue to advocate for an updated comprehensive, long-term plan for the Mall — the 3rd Century Mall – to advance the brilliant legacy of the 1791 L’Enfant Plan and 1901-2 McMillan Commission Plan that is the basis for the Mall today. Please read about our efforts and successes in our brief and informative Annual Reports below:

2022 Annual Report (PDF)

2021 Annual Report (PDF)

2020 Annual Report (PDF)

2019 Annual Report (PDF)

2018 Annual Report (PDF)

2017 Annual Report (PDF)

2016 Annual Report (PDF)

2015 Annual Report (PDF)

2014 Annual Report (PDF)

2013 Annual Report (PDF)

2012 Annual Report (PDF)

2011 Annual Report (PDF)

2010 Annual Report (PDF)

2009 Annual Report (PDF)

2008 Annual Report (PDF)

2007 Annual Report (PDF)

2006 Annual Report (PDF)

2005 Annual Report (PDF)

2004 Future of the Mall Report (PDF)

2002 State of the Mall Report (PDF)