Site Recommendations for the Latino American Museum

Dear Coalition Friends:

The Commission studying potential locations for the future Latino American museum will present its site recommendations this coming Thursday, July 1st, at the public session of the National Capital Planning Commission.  This will be an informational presentation only, which means that while the public is invited no public testimony is allowed.  This agenda item is scheduled for 1 p.m.  Learn more at

You will recall from our March 12, 2010 UPDATE, that sponsors have been stating their intention to locate this museum on the National Mall.

One location that has been under consideration is adjacent to the Washington Monument grounds, the south parcel corresponding to the location of the African American museum on the north side.  But that site is too small and so another building across the road probably would be needed too.  There are other sites as well, each one of which will have bureaucratic opponents.

There have been no public meetings by this Commission so we have no way of knowing what potential sites they are favoring, and what criteria govern their choices.  Since no public testimony is allowed on Thursday, the public and local residents whose neighborhoods may be considered for this museum will not be able to have their voices become part of decision-making.  Only NCPC Commissioners will be permitted to comment.

To our knowledge, the required public consultation process that must precede any final decision-making about site selection, and especially any consideration of Mall sites, has not been opened.

How will the Latino American Museum Commission’s recommendations respond to the 2003 Congressional moratorium on the Mall, and to NCPC’s Memorials and Museums Master Plan from 2001 identifying future sites off the Mall?  We’ll let you know what we hear on Thursday.


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