UPDATED: Proposed Rules Threaten the Public Vitality of the National Mall 

The National Mall Coalition has filed comments with the National Park Service (NPS) expressing great concern about proposed rules that would govern use of the Mall.

In short, NPS proposes to revise regulations related to demonstrations and special events at some park units in the National Capital Region, including NPS-managed parcels on the National Mall. The proposed changes would change how NPS processes permit applications for demonstrations and special events; identify locations where such activities are allowed, not allowed, or subject to restrictions; and seek to recover costs from event organizers.  These proposals come on top of discussions to move long-standing recreation leagues and other activities off the Mall.

The Coalition argues that these proposals, which would impose fees for free speech demonstrations, restrict special events and recreational sports, and ban demonstrations in certain places, including around the White House, will continue an unacceptable decline in the Mall’s public vitality.

Read our comments on the proposals.

We strongly recommend that these proposed rules be withdrawn and reconsidered in open, thoughtful consultation with all interested and affected parties, and in compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act and the National Environmental Policy Act.

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