Advancing the Legacy of the National Mall through Public Policy and Innovative Ideas

In its clean, majestic sweep from the U.S. Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial and from the White House to the Jefferson Memorial, the National Mall celebrates the democratic ideals on which our nation was founded, and has been a gathering place for civic celebrations and demonstrations for more than 200 years. Yet since Congress declared the National Mall a "substantially completed work of civic art" in 2003, it has endured piecemeal growth and environmental effects that threaten the vitality and sustainability of this national treasure. The National Mall Coalition (formerly National Coalition to Save Our Mall) is dedicated to creating a new comprehensive visionary plan for the Mall that advances the legacy of the two historic visions – the 1791 (1st Century) L'Enfant Plan and the 1902 (2nd Century) McMillan Plan – and ensures coherent evolution and growth that serves the public's interest with new museums, monuments, public events and attractions that tell our country’s unfolding story. Read more >>