Advancing the Legacy of the National Mall through Public Policy and Innovative Ideas

On the National Mall we celebrate who we are as Americans, our nation’s founding ideals, and our civic responsibility to understand and champion the principles that sustain our democracy. Yet over the past decade, we’ve increasingly seen the visionary plans that created this iconic space trampled, the public’s use restricted, and hopes for a resilient future denied by inadequate planning. The National Mall Coalition is dedicated to reversing this trend through historical education, programming for the people, and cultivating ideas that will ensure the Mall’s vitality for future generations. We advocate for a new comprehensive plan for the National Mall, the stage for our democracy, in its 3rd century — the 3rd Century Mall. We encourage visitors to explore our new Web site to better understand the purposeful plans of L’Enfant and McMillan, as well as the challenges we face and innovative ways we can solve them.