National Coalition to Save the Mall’s 10th Anniversary

Dear Coalition Friends:

More than ever, we depend upon your continued support. We understand these are difficult times for everyone and for that reason we have held back on any fundraising appeals – until now.

This year the National Coalition to Save Our Mall has been extraordinarily active, and 2010 – the 10th anniversary of our Coalition — promises to be even more productive.

In 2009 we:

• Published a free, self-guided Mall tour, “America’s Struggle For Freedom,” and distributed them to thousands of Americans on the National Mall during the Inauguration events on the Mall last January. This is the first of a series of self-guided tours developed by our offshoot National Mall Conservancy

  • In dozens of slide-illustrated talks to Rotary Clubs, school groups, Elderhostel, and nonprofits, we educated the public about the Mall’s history, current issues, and exciting possibilities for the future on the “3rd Century Mall”
  • Distributed 35,000 of our free Mall maps, The National Mall: Stage For Our Democracy, to Congressional offices, Washington area airports and visitors centers, and tourists
  • Published and distributed our new report, Renewing American Democracy on the 3rd Century Mall: A Vision for the National Mall, to the President and Congress, the local and national media, and all our supporters and friends. The report can be downloaded from our website:

In 2010, we’ll be moving forward with the five new initiatives outlined in our Renewing American Democracy report. The first priority, already in development, is a national “ideas” competition for the Washington Monument grounds aimed at both adults and schoolchildren.

Not least in 2010, we’ll be celebrating in September the 10th anniversary of the National Coalition to Save Our Mall. We began in 2000 as a national group of concerned citizens trying to “save the Mall” from threats from poor maintenance and management and overbuilding of museums and monuments. Ten years later, we are a recognized voice for the public on Mall matters. Our positive, forward-looking ideas for Mall expansion and an independent Mall Commission to create a visionary long-range plan for the National Mall in the 21st century have propelled even federal agencies to think in new ways about the future of the Mall.

To move forward, we need your help.
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Best wishes for a joyful holiday season.

Judy Scott Feldman, Ph.D., Chair / 301-340-3938