National Mall Exhibit, Presidential Inaugurations, Mall marches, gondolas and making space for the African American History Museum

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Three weeks into the new Administration, the National Mall is proving to be more active than ever as a stage for our democracy. Read more below. And don’t forget that our National Mall exhibition at Reagan Washington National Airport is on display until the end of February.

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February 14, 2017 newsletter

New National Mall Exhibit at Reagan National Airport Greets Visitors 

The National Mall Coalition’s exhibit on the current and future status of the National Mall is located across from Baggage Claim 4, Terminal B, at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. It was arranged for display in concert with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority as part of the Airports Authority’s Arts Program and is in place through February 28th. — READ MORE


February 14, 2017 newsletter

Presidential inaugurations and the state of the National Mall

On Jan. 20, Americans focused their attention on Washington, D.C., as the presidential inauguration ceremony took place on the National Mall, a place that urban scholars, geographers and historians refer to as a “stage for democracy.” — READ MORE


February 14, 2017 newsletter

Inauguration and Marches Highlight Need to Plan for National Mall’s Future

Gordon Binder explains that inaugurations and marches underscores a central tension that lies at the heart of the National Mall Coalition’s mission:  to ensure the Mall remains attractive, resilient AND accessible for generations to come.  — READ MORE


February 14, 2017 newsletter

Priority for DC: Gondolas, Ferries, or Flood Protection?

A November 6th Washington Post article by Luz Lazo, “Are ferry, gondola, high-speed rail ideas for D.C. region realistic or fantasy?” floated the notion of new transit options – ferry service along the Potomac, a gondola crossing the River, rapid rail for the region.  — READ MORE


February 14, 2017 newsletter

The National Mall: Making Space for the African American History Museum

Lisa Benton-Short explains that “As much as what we will learn and experience because of what is inside the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the mere presence of this museum on the Mall makes a difference … it’s all about location, location, location.” — READ MORE

Upcoming: New edition of our free Mall map out soon. Demonstrations in coming months continue to put the Mall in the national spotlight.

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