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I have important news to tell you about the National Mall…

…and how the National Mall Coalition is helping advance the legacy of this iconic space through public policy and innovative ideas… starting with the latest update of our popular Mall Map and Historical Guide.

Now in its 6th updated edition, thousands of maps have been distributed via congressional offices, airport kiosks, hotels, visitor centers, schools, and to supporters like you… absolutely free. As an educational tool and visitor guide, there’s nothing else quite like it.

And our educational role doesn‘t stop there…

We have given hundreds of historical talks on the Mall and in classrooms, and last year we gave a grant to the Shining Stars Montessori Academy Public Charter School in Washington, DC to publish a book of essays and sketches, “Called to the Mall”, inspired by class visits to the Mall. We were thrilled by what those youngsters achieved and we think you will be as well when you see it. More about that below.

Students from Shining Stars Montessori Academy, with help from teacher Louise Parker Kelley, read their essays from the book "Called to the Mall: An Anthology of Stories About the Mall" at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Our National Mall is experiencing unprecedented demand but there are new proposals to curb recreational uses.

The National Mall Coalition has joined local elected officials and recreation groups in calling on the National Park Service to reconsider its proposed ban on popular sports activities on the Mall, and to open a public consultation to develop sensible policies that recognize the Mall’s historic and traditional role as a “place of general resort” for the enjoyment of the American public.

Have you seen our website lately? It’s been totally revamped and includes a blog where we comment on pressing issues.

Visit before your next trip to the Mall itself and it will expand your knowledge and make your trip come alive. I can’t begin to tell you all you will discover about the Mall today. Including all the innovative ideas your National Mall Coalition has contributed to grow the Mall. Yes, the time has come for the Mall to expand again, as it did with the McMillan Plan a century ago, to provide space for full expression of our evolving democracy. In 2003, Congress prematurely declared the Mall a finished work of art. But history marches on. Sooner or later it be allowed to grow in its 3rd Century as America’s “Stage for American Democracy.” Surely, it’s time for an updated plan!

But there is one problem that just can’t wait…

In June 2006, heavy rains flooded Mall area museums and public buildings costing millions in damages to our national cultural treasures. Such storms have become the new norm. We can’t ignore this problem any longer.

Well, we’ve got an idea. We call it the National Mall Underground, a multi-purpose flood protection and tour bus and car parking facility that also provides a much-needed Mall Welcome Center with restrooms and food options. This isn’t pie in the sky.   According to financial analyses conducted in 2014, parking fees and water and clean energy tax credits will help the Underground pay for itself.

These things don’t just happen.

It took four years and hundreds of visits with Congressional leaders, government officials, and other experts to develop the Underground project. Costs for printing and distribution of the enormously popular Mall Map keep going up as we broaden our outreach.

As a volunteer organization without paid staff, we rely heavily on Coalition supporters and those who treasure the National Mall as we do.

Can we count on you?

Please donate online at to help us continue to educate, advocate, and foster innovative solutions to ensure the vitality of the Mall as a living symbol of our nation’s evolving story.

Please consider giving $50, $100, whatever you can. For donations of $200 we will be pleased to send you the Called to the Mall collection of essays. For $300, you will receive Lisa Benton-Short’s The National Mall: No Ordinary Public Space.

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