NPS threatens the public vitality of the Mall, Hurricane Florence, rules on Mall recreational use & architect Arthur Cotton Moore

Dear Friends of the National Mall,

The National Mall Coalition has been raising our voice to protect and enhance public use of the National Mall for many years, and especially now in the face of increasing restrictions on First Amendment activities, cultural events, and recreation.

In this newsletter update, read about:

  • The National Park Service’s “Proposed Rules” that we believe will threaten the public vitality of the Mall.
  • Hurricane Florence, yet another wake-up call to the DC area that we lack any flood control solution to prevent stormwater flooding in the Mall area.
  • Proposed restrictions on recreational use by DC residents and visitors, and Coalition testimony.
  • Renowned architect and Coalition Board member Arthur Cotton Moore’s long history with DC architecture and planning.

The National Mall is our stage for American democracy. The Mall belongs to all of us. Let us know if you have topics of interest and concern we should include in our outreach to the public.

Top stories:

March for Women's Lives (Courtesy United States Park Police)

Proposed Rules Threaten the Public Vitality of the National Mall 

The National Mall Coalition has filed comments with the National Park Service (NPS) expressing great concern about proposed rules that would govern use of the Mall.. — READ MORE


1985 East Potomac Park with the Washington Monument in the distance (Photo courtesy Library of Congress)

Could Hurricane Florence Have Posed a Flood Risk for the National Mall?

The potential for flooding and high waters caused by Hurricane Florence reminds us here in Washington that the National Mall and surrounding federal buildings are vulnerable to storms and floods. — READ MORE


Park Service Backs Off Plan to Restrict Sports on National Mall

CQ Magazine reported that the National Park Service has dropped a controversial proposal that would have banned sports on the National Mall. — READ MORE


Clockwise: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the National World War II Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial and the District of Columbia War Memorial. (Courtesy Library of Congress and Department of Defense)

Arthur Cotton Moore featured in “On the Waterfront” and “Our Town”

Renowned local architect and Coalition board member Arthur Cotton Moore was interviewed by Andy Ockershausen from “Our Town” and Washington D.C. filmmaker and documentarian Tim Persinko about his long career in architecture and his opinions on the current state of the National Mall. — READ MORE


Special Regulations, Areas of National Park System, National Capital Region, Special Events and Demonstrations (1024-AE45)

The National Mall Coalition official comments on the National Park Service “Proposed Rules” for NPS-managed parkland in the nation’s capital. — READ MORE

Coalition Chair Feldman Addresses Public Use and Recreational Sports on the National Mall

Coalition Chair Feldman was asked to participate in the June 18 town meeting called by Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton to address recent changes by the National Park Service on public use and recreational sports on the National Mall. — READ MORE

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