2023 Coalition Newsletter and Yearly Appeal

Dear Friends of the National Mall,

The Coalition is entering our 24th year in which we continue our efforts to educate the public about the significance of the National Mall, advocate forward-looking policies to support the role of the Mall as the Stage for American Democracy, and develop creative programs and ideas to ensure the Mall remains lively and resilient in the 21st century and beyond.

READ BELOW a recap of topics and news in 2023: a Zoom recording of Chair Judy Feldman’s most recent talk on “The History and Future of the National Mall,” including a vision for the “3rd Century Mall”; our blog responding to the eye-opening story in The Washington Post about devastating flooding on the National Mall and in residential neighborhoods; the Coalition’s tribute to urban planner and long-time board member George H.F. Oberlander; and our call for DC and federal authorities to follow Hoboken’s lead and demand a comprehensive plan for the three-fold flood threat – river, tidal, and stormwater – to our nation’s capital.

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Top stories:

Watch The History and Future of the National Mall: Visionary Ideas & Modern Challenges

Watch The History and Future of the National Mall: Visionary Ideas & Modern Challenges

Do you know where the idea for the National Mall came from? How the Mall has evolved over 200 years? How our national monuments and Smithsonian museums were, and are, created? This educational video answers these questions and more. — READ MORE


DC and Mall Flooding: A Struggle to Avoid Drowning

The Washington Post recently published a front-page story about flooding in Washington DC and the mixed record of DC and federal agencies in addressing the threat. — READ MORE


George Oberlander

A Tribute to National Mall Coalition Board Member George H.F. Oberlander

We in the National Mall Coalition mourn the death on December 25, 2023 of George Oberlander, long-time Board member and Vice Chair, and good friend. — READ MORE


The Great Potomac Flood of 1936, looking south over the Tidal Basin toward Hains Point. (Courtesy Library of Congress)

Hoboken to Washington: Wake Up! Tackle Flooding Now

Hurricane season spared Washington DC in 2023 but we can’t expect such good luck indefinitely. — READ MORE

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